Paradise Farms  
  Location Carapo, Arima  
  Mailing Address P.O.Box 7142, ST ANNS  
  Proprietor / Operator Robert Bernard & Michael Miller  
  Resident Manager Rudolph “Kenny” Marin  
  Contact Information Tel:  643-6110 or 395-0757
Fax:  665-7288
  Resident Breeding Stock  
Stallion / Standing
Name Sire Dam Grand Sire
Vegas No Show Hard Spun  The Hess Express Lord Carson
Settle Up Kris S In Conference Dayjur
Name Sire Dam
Squeezed Moment Freshly Squeezed Lady of the Moment
Sing Your Song  Red Ransom Prairie Reign
Caro’s Legacy     WhyWhyWhy Once Ina Blue Moon
Treasure Girl     Golden Gear Teresa Belle
Congrats Mystery     Congrats Ms. Mostly
Cinema Show Gulch Falling Snow
The Big Squeeze Big Country         Squeezed Moment
Roman Anthem Came Home Roman Song
Hey Big Rhonda Saint Liam All Hollywood
Windy Lass Precise Sweep  Sonic Wind
Vandalini Richter Scale Markada
Mighty Splash Greatness Splash On
Glorious Moment Ministar Lady of The Moment
Inconclusive A Great Team Dreams of Glory
Angelsaver Siphon Angelinahalo
Charm the Banker Private Banker Native Charm
Musical Moment Brahms Galwood
Sound Barrier Private Banker Swift Sound
Mamaguy  Flatter Territory
Mucho Halos Halo’s Image Many Threes
Sire Dam DOB Colour / Sex
Legally Ready Repent 10.03.15 Bay Colt
Charm The Banker Settle Up 11.02.15 Dk. Bay Colt
Sing Your Song Ten Meropa 21.02.15 Dk. Bay Colt
Angelsaver Repent 25.02.15 Bay Filly
She’s a Cutie Repent 25.01.15 Dk. Bay Colt
Blushing Sky Repent 05.03.15 Bay Colt
Treasure Girl Repent 26.02.15 Bay Colt
The Big Squeeze Repent 09.03.15 Bay Colt
Cinema Show Repent 10.03.15 Bay Colt
Squeezed Moment Repent 15.04.15 Bay Colt
Vandalini Repent 11.03.15 Bay Filly
Roman Anthem Settle Up 30.03.15 Dk. Bay Filly
Ready or Not Settle Up 24.04.15 Dk. Bay Filly
Mamaguy Settle Up 04.05.15 Bay Filly
Glorious Moment Settle Up 13.05.15 Dk. Bay Filly
Mucho Halos Settle Up 05.05.15 Dk. Bay Filly
Skippy’s Dream Settle Up 21.06.14 Bay Colt
Foals 2016
Mare Stallion DOB Colour / Sex
Inconclusive Vegas No Show 04.02.16 Bay Filly
Caro’s Legacy Vegas No Show 08.02.16 Dk. Bay Colt
Treasure Girl Vegas No Show 28.02.16 Bay Filly
Windy Lass Vegas No Show 15.02.16 Bay Colt
Sound Barrier Vegas No Show 06.03.16 Bay Colt
Mighty Splash Vegas No Show 17.03.16 Bay Filly
Cinema Show Vegas No Show 18.03.16 Bay Colt
The Big Squeeze Vegas No Show 04.04.16 Bay Colt
Island Star Jouvert 05.04.16 Ch. Filly
Squeezed Moment Da Vinci 17.04.16 Bay Colt
Vandalini Vegas No Show 17.04.16 Bay Filly
Charm the Banker Vegas No Show 20.04.16 Bay Filly
Hey Big Rhonda Vegas No Show 27.04.16 Bay Colt
Mamaguy Vegas No Show 30.04.16 Bay Colt
Sing Your Song Vegas No Show 08.05.16 Bay Filly
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