About Us  

The Stud Farm Association of Trinidad and Tobago is an organization consisting of owners of stud farms in Trinidad and Tobago with registered representation.  It was established on 11th June 1987 and is formally recognized by the Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority.

Through its membership the Association promotes the production of a high standard of thoroughbred racehorses and the maintenance of high-grade bloodstock.  Placed high among its objectives is the promotion to Government and the public at large, the recognition of Racehorse Breeding as an economically important industry.

The Associations’ main activity is the holding of an annual yearling sale to promote the sale of livestock of its members and independent breeders, the first being on 22nd November 1987.  It also stages “Special Races” for horses which were nominated for the Sale and qualify for said races.

  The Executive Committee  

The Administrative responsibility of the Association is vested in the Executive  Committee (EC). The EC comprises the officers and two(2) elected members all of whom are elected at an Annual General Meeting and hold office for a term of two(2) years.

  President Neil Poon Tip 2 years  
  Vice President Pierpont Scott 1 year (balance of term)  
  Honorary Secretary Hugh Lee King 2 years  
  Honorary Treasurer Andrew Aleong 1 year (balance of term)  
  Honorary Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Robert Bernard 1 year (balance of term)  
  Member Charles James 2 years  
  Member Andrew Fredericks   1 year (balance of term)  
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