How to become a Member?  

Membership in the Association is open to four (4) categories;

    Full membership maybe granted to either an owner or part-owner of a Stud Farm registered with the Association. Each registered Stud Farm will be entitled to ONLY one certified representative.
    Part-owners of a registered Stud Farm which already has a representative named for their farm may seek full membership but shall have no vote at any general meeting of the Association.
    Associate membership may be granted to any person who owns breeding stock and who to the knowledge and satisfaction of the Executive Committee has shown abiding interest in the breeding of racehorses. They may neither hold office nor do they have a vote.
    Honorary membership may be granted to persons nominated by the Executive Committee.

Applications for membership (except Honorary Membership) and representation of Stud Farm in the Association is made on a form furnished by the Association which must be signed by the applicant and two (2) financial members of the Association as proposer and seconder.

Farms with more than ten (10) resident mares are classified as "large" and those with ten or less resident mares as "small".

Approval of membership is by simple majority vote of the Executive Committee members.

  Fees and subscriptions  
  Entrance fee (full member) large farm $12,500.00 TTD  
  Annual Subscription full membership large farm $  1,000.00 TTD  
  Entrance fee (full member) small farm $  6,500.00 TTD  
  Annual Subscription full membership small farm $     500.00 TTD  
  Entrance fee (non-voting Farm owner) $     100.00 TTD  
  Annual Subscription non-voting Farm owner $     100.00 TTD  
  Entrance fee (associative member) $     500.00 TTD  
  Annual Subscriptio Associative member $     100.00 TTD  
  *All sums mentioned above are subject to V.A.T  
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