JMH Enterprises Ltd  
  Location Wallerfield  
  Mailing Address

2b Trincity Industrial Estate Trincity

  Proprietor / Operator

Jerry De Fraris: 751-5688

  Resident Manager

Charles James: 680-2082

  Contact Information Tel:  645-1412
Fax:  662-1109
  Resident Breeding Stock  
Stallion / Standing
Name Sire Dam Grand Sire
Babel Kingmambo Lady Reiko Sadler's Wells
Moygaddy Elusive Quality Star Of Paris Dayjur
Top Of The Class Freshly Squeezed Crescendo Bandsman
Practical Pete Peterhof Real Scotch In Reality
Name Sire Dam
El Prado Plata El Prado Diamondsandrubys
Love Movement Bandsman Caset
Queen's Band Bandsman Queen N' Chacon
Stormy Frontera Storm Boot Royal Rexson
Tazumi Wild Wonder If You Do
Waitilotisseesus Corslew Miss Superstar
Condoleeza Freshly Squeezed Little Rose
Simply Red A Firm Deacon Little Rose
Flying Glory Zimaam Northern Rose
Northern Rose A Firm Deacon Little Rose
Kafka Practical Pete Ribamoinle
Siberia On Fire Kimafoutiesa Latin Fire
Twice A Lady Kimafoutiesa Lady Jinsky
My Statue Belong To Me Modeling Clay
Nothinbutblueskies Include Thesky'sthelimit
Prado's Tune El Prado Our Girl Joyce
Bella Diavolo Tale Of The Cat Devil's Territory
Golden Encounter Hunting Hard Double Encounter
Royal Majesty Gilgamesh Beggar's Banquet
Bazodde Gal Freshly Squeezed Crescendo
Pravite Affairs Private Banker Rhythmic Dancer
Bipasha Freshly Squeezed Iador
Sire Dam DOB Colour / Sex
A Great Team Tazumi 3/1/2009 Ro. C
Babel Love Movement 15/3/2009 B. F
Babel Timberella 9/2/2009 B. C
Babel Waitilotisseesus 4/2/2009 B. C
Babel Simply Red 11/3/2009 B. C
Top Of The Class Chelcie's Song 15/3/2009 Ch.F
Babel Actual Lady 24/2/2009 B. F
Babel Twice A Lady 14/3/2009 B. F
Babel Siberia On Fire 22/2/2009 B. F
Big Country Joan Of Arc 24/3/2009 Ch. F
Babel My Statue 27/3/2009 B. F
Babel Eye Candy 10/3/2009 B. C
Babel Prado's Tune 28/2/2009 B. C
Nothern Afleet Nothinbutblueskies 3/4/2009 Ch. F
Babel Bella Diavolo 25/4/2009 B. F
Top Of The Class Golden Encounter 24/4/2009 B. F
Sire Dam DOB Colour / Sex
Babel El Prado Plata 14/3/2010 Ro. F
Babel Love Movement 24/2/2010 B. C
Babel Queen's Band 27/4/2010 B. F
Babel Stormy Frontera 8/3/2010 B. F
Babel Tazumi 20/1/2010 Ro. C
Top Of The Class Waitilotisseesus 16/4/2010 Ch. F
Babel Condoleeza 31/5/2010 B. F
Top Of The Class Simply Red 11/4/2010 B. C
Babel Flying Glory 21/4/2010 B. F
Top Of The Class Chelcie's Song 24/1/2010 Ch. C
Top Of The Class Actual Lady 26/2/2010 B. F
Babel Kafka 18/4/2010 B. F
Babel Sabrina 2/4/2010 B. F
Moygaddy Nothinbutblueskies 14/4/2010 B. F
Moygaddy Pouilly Fuisse 18/2/2010 B. C
Top Of The Class Bella Diavolo 22/5/2010 Ch. C
Babel Golden Encounter 12/5/2010 B. F
Babel Royal Majesty 8/2/2010 B. C
Babel Sea Of Red 25/1/2010 Ch. C
Moygaddy Bazodde Gal 13/4/2010 B. C
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